Shall I tell you where the dead are?

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
You won't find them in the sky
Their faces don't grace clouds,
or rest in a person's eye

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
You won't find them on the street
If you missed them the first time,
then there's no chance they'll repeat

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
You won't find them on a wall
A picture is but a picture,
and that just won't do at all

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
You won't find them in a book
Better catch them while they're living
Better have yourself a look

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
You won't find them in a voice
They've moved on to different pastures,
but not one is there by choice

Shall I tell you where the dead are?
Very well, you'll get your way
The dead rest in the ground,
and it's there they'll always stay

Written 2/23/06

I'm Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What I have is pretty obvious
You need only come and view
I'm Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
and I'm crazier than you

Nothing more than a bundle of nerves,
and a vast sea of nutty habits
If my sickness took a form,
I swear I'd reach out and stab it

Checking lights, checking doors,
over and over to make sure they're locked
Better watch out at the window
Who knows? I might get stalked

What did I eat? Do you think it was poisoned?
What did I touch? What was it, then?
I think I'll go into the bathroom
and wash my hands all over again

I feel sick, perhaps I'm dying
I feel ill, my time is up
You have to clean it very neatly
or I won't drink from that cup

I'd better not, something might happen
I'd better not, my mind says no
I really would, but I just wouldn't
I really could, but I can't go

Please understand, it's not my doing
My own brain won't let me be
I would love to sit and chat,
but I'm no good with company

So I worry and I worry,
over old things and over new
But I'm Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
It's who I am and what I do

Written 2/23/06

Drift away

There, in that tired bed,
was the man who drifted away
They all thought that he might pull through,
but in the end it was the end

For a while he was sharp-minded,
and that seemed like recovering health
But it was the flame burning bright before dying
He was sick and not coming back

He cried when he paused to think of it
His own life drawing to a close
His face held a certain disbelief
No one actually thinks they will go

But soon, he accepted his fate,
and from within gathered his boldest courage
To die with a degree of dignity
To be brave, that's what he wanted

He wished his loved ones a fond farewell
As he hugged them his hands shook
With quivering voice and eyes so glassy,
he released them all for good

So it was, lying there all alone,
he looked up and prayed to his god
His breathing began to falter,
and like a fish he gasped in near silence

His pulse grew weaker and faint,
and in the darkness he searched for the light
One more look at the world he cherished,
and then ceasing, stopping, was gone

Whether life lives on, we can't say
We cling to that hope, we do
All the people of the world have that dream,
for no one anywhere wants to drift away

Written 2/24/06

"I've been shot. Can't you tell?"

In the evening came a booming
Such a noise would wake the dead
Then a man came all a running,
bleeding badly from his head

With a lunge he turned the corner,
and he held the wall for aid
He was cursing and was cussing
the mistakes that had been made

Looking back, he kept on moving,
and was praying in his heart
that he'd reach his hidden car,
and that it would quickly start

But the tires had been slashed,
and the gas poured down the drain
He let out a muffled moan,
for the guy was in such pain

So he tried to catch a bus,
but you know those things won't stop
And he couldn't hail a taxi,
and forget about that cop

Next he tried a back alley,
but the thugs were there in force
They all shot in his direction,
but the bullets missed, of course

On and on the guy ran,
screaming swears and seeing red
He was getting pretty tired,
and still bleeding from his head

Finally, he reached the park
All was quiet in the night
He jumped into nearby bushes,
and hoped it would be all right

His pursuers ran past him
He had lost them all for good
He might make a run for it,
and he wondered if he should

But as he took a step forward,
a police car drove up quick
Then the copper pulled a pistol,
and the barrel gave a "click"

Soon the guy was fast arrested,
and they sped from their location
They were looking for some answers,
down there at the city station

The man, still hurt and bleeding,
was brought to a little room
A place for big confessions
that spell out your certain doom

The lieutenant, he walked in,
with his badge all shiny blazing,
and without a moment lost,
started with his nasty hazing

But after fifteen fruitless minutes,
the lieutenant stopped and said:
"Hey, Mr. Tough Guy,
what happened to your head?"

And the man, who was still bleeding,
and who didn't feel so well,
only looked at him and uttered:
"I've been shot. Can't you tell?"

Written 2/24/06

The last great something

He was all alone, but struggled on
The last man left on Earth
He pushed his legs, and forced his nerve,
and showed what he was worth

But no machine, or tool or craft,
could save him in these hours
The land had split, the seas had dried,
and brought down all the towers

So now he climbed, and staggered on,
to reach the top of the mountain
One final gaze, one final glance,
just one more drink from the fountain

He cut his hands, he bled from wounds,
the ground it shook and rattled
The sky turned red, the air grew thick,
but on and on he battled

He must get there. He must, he must
Failure simply held no reason
Surrendering, or giving up,
would be nothing short of treason

For the sake of the people, for the sake of the world,
this trip must be completed
He would not be stopped, or lose his way
This man would not be defeated

As he hurried on, the heavens tore
A meteor ripped through a cloud
Then came a second, and a third
Their screech horrid and loud

The rocks beneath him began to fall
He slipped but held his place
And on he went, with shattered feet,
to run this final race

At last he reached his sacred spot
His summit upon his hill
He'd spent his strength, he'd spent his breath
He had nothing left but will

And as he looked into the sky,
his eyes caught a sight most dire
An asteroid, heading straight for him,
full of death and flame and fire

But in this moment of his demise,
his courage refused to fold
He opened his mouth, and spoke the words
that should and must be told

He mentioned the world, and what it had been
All the good things and all the bad
He mentioned the forests, he mentioned the cities
What this planet, now gone, once had

He praised mankind, for all it was,
and regretted that it had died
It wasn't pretty, it wasn't perfect,
but Christ, at least it tried

He took his heart, and he took his soul,
and he merged them into one
He stood there alone, in the face of fate,
and he spoke until words were done

And then he sat, for his mind was clean,
and his mission had played its tune
He looked at the trees, and the valley below,
and all the rest that would die soon

And as the asteroid made full contact,
he had no fear, and had no doubt
For he had spoken the last great something,
and then the lights, they all went out

Written 4/04/06

Lucky Charms

I got myself a rabbit's foot,
and I kissed it twice for chance,
but when I asked her for a date,
she didn't give a second glance

I took a horseshoe that I found,
and I placed it on the wall,
but after filing my taxes,
the IRS gave me a call

I tossed some salt over my shoulder,
since I heard it brings good luck,
but then I saw my only car
on the back of a tow truck

I plucked myself a four-leaf clover,
and I pinned it to my shirt,
but the floor was rather slippery,
and I fell, and did it hurt!

I made a wish upon a star,
and I kept my fingers crossed,
but my goldfish up and died,
and my dog got itself lost

I went to see a gypsy lady,
and I had myself a reading,
but my new car has lousy brakes,
so I was ticketed for speeding

I caught myself a leprechaun,
and I asked him for some gold,
but leprechauns, they don't grant wishes
That's just a lie somebody told

So I bundled up my lucky charms,
and tossed them in the sea
I couldn't stand all that good luck
It simply wasn't good for me!

Written 4/04/06

The absolutely, positively, without a doubt, no question about it, definitely, certainly, correctly, surely, completely, totally, exceptionally, intentionally, assuredly, definitively, simply, amply, utterly, dead on, by all means, unequivocally, decidedly, evidently, undeniably, plainly, recognizably, purely, precisely, unmistakably, constantly, easily, clearly, really, decisively, conclusively, convincingly, obviously, emphatically, firmly, genuinely, indubitably, legitimately, literally, unerringly, unfailingly, distinctly, unshakably, acutely, extremely, astonishingly, exceedingly, noticeably, superlatively, wonderfully, verily, flat out, categorically, naturally, enduringly, by far, transparently, translucently, patently, markedly, openly, incontestably, conspicuously, verbally, seemingly, accurately, truly shortest poem of all time, with the longest title of all time, and that poem and that title is "."



Written 4/14/06

Talking loudly to the empty air

Down the street he went,
his hands waving wildly above him
Hair all messed and matted
Crazed, like a lunatic

Shoes falling from his feet
Jacket split and frayed and ripped
Face with a beard deepest brown
Fingernails, full of the dirt

Seeing and hearing no one
Walking quickly in his direction
Going where nobody knows
Talking loudly to the empty air

Written 4/19/06

A dog named Clutch

What I've got, it ain't a lot
But am I poor? I would say not
Add it up, it won't be much,
but there's my dog. His name is Clutch

I have a place. It's pretty messy
Lots of clothes, none of them dressy
A statue of Jesus, that don't do much
A bag of marbles, and a dog named Clutch

I have no car. I walk to places
People see me, and make their faces
My shoes are worn, and squeak too much
An old blue coat, and a dog named Clutch

My job is lousy. My boss he hates me
My girlfriend left. She wouldn't date me
Without any money, I'm not seen as much
Except by my dog, whose name is Clutch

At least I'm young, and I'm not dying
I'm still out there, and I'm still trying
I've got free time, and that's more than much
So says my dog, whose name is Clutch

So I won't bitch, or yell and complain
I won't do drugs, or go all insane
Add it up, it won't be much,
but I've got my life, and a dog named Clutch

Written 5/4/06

The Dodo never could fly, and now it never will

It started all those years long past,
when we strived for something more
There were no cars, there were no phones
The world itself was poor

But then the factories all sprang up,
and business went 'a booming
Then came more jobs, and came more things
Production went 'a zooming

We bought the plan, and bought the items
It seemed that all was ducky
And there we sat, with all our things,
and thought how we were lucky

But in our haste, and in our greed,
we failed to see our flaw
The sky was dark, the tide had turned
We broke the Natural Law

The air was poisoned, the water sick,
but onward we kept storming
Then cracked the ice, and down it dripped
The planet, now, was warming

But did we suffer? Oh no, not yet.
First others had to fall
The animals. Yes, the animals
In the end we'll kill them all

No elephants will make old age,
nor tigers see the Sun
We'll put our mark on history
before our day is done

The Panda Bear ain't lookin' good,
even though we caged and caught 'em
The great Blue Whale, king of the seas,
will sink right to the bottom

That's how it goes, on the African Plain
There the hungry lion screams
While we sit snug, so safe and sound,
in our glass and concrete dreams

Whose fault is it? Who is to blame?
Oh, it's never just one person
We all share fault, we all share blame,
as things around us worsen

We can't hide our heads, or turn away,
or ignore this any longer
For, day by day, as we have seen,
this problem's growing stronger

But it's not too late. There's still some hope
Human effort is the key
If we make a change, then, just perhaps,
we'll reverse our destiny

Let those already lost lead the way
They'll remind us of what's at stake
The Passenger Pigeon will fly ahead,
and show which road to take

But if we laugh and scoff and sneer
at the evidence and the stats,
then we'll be left, so all alone,
with the cockroaches and rats

And then we'll realize, as the ozone fades,
and the Mississippi turns to swill,
that the Dodo never could fly,
and now it never will

Written 5/6/06

God is not one of us

God is not one of us.
He cannot even pretend to be.
It is not a possible thing.
Not even for Him.

Jesus is not one of us,
if he was who he claimed to be.
He may have lived as a man,
but no man had the comfort he was given.

The angels are not our brothers.
Their route is easier than ours.
No winged host of heaven
has to face starvation and death.

They, all of them.
They are not of our kind.
They do not suffer as we do.
They can never understand.

What angel lost his splendid looks,
and shriveled under the pain of old age?
Jesus died, this is true,
but only after the Lord assured him.

Are they plagued with floods,
and heat and rain?
Does disease eat their bodies
and kill their children?

Do the Cherubs and Seraphim
bleed like us?
Do their hearts ache
with the agony of love unfulfilled?

Does God Himself know what it's like to never know?
Has His fate been pulled from His hands?
Has He ever been called insignificant?
Nothing more than dirt, and to dirt shall return?

I cannot be sure,
but I think they know not.
They cannot,
if reason holds court.

They have fact,
and we have faith.
Which is harder to hold onto,
and easier to lose?

We are unique in our tragedy.
We face a something they simply do not.
Uncertainty, self-doubt, loneliness.
No knowledge of what lies ahead.

We are better than the angels,
for we are expected to be.
We are judged, and if guilty,
we burn.

We stand before
the Almighty Himself.
With no one to help us.

We live alone.
We die alone.
What we are
is just ourselves.

So you see,
God is not one of us.
If He was,
He would not be God.

Written 7/8/06

He has turned invisible

He has turned invisible
He simply isn't there
Nobody ever sees him
He says he doesn't care

He walks down many streets
He muddles through the masses
But still, there's not a glimpse
No notice as he passes

In crowds his face gets lost
In pictures there's no focus
Some people think it's magic
A little Hocus-Pocus

They've tracked him many times
They've followed and they've chased
But never have they caught him
It's always just a waste

He's there, and then he isn't
Once was, and is no more
Sneaks out an open window
Slips through an unlocked door

Some people think it's magic,
but that's really not the case
The truth is something different,
a fact he has to face

But if no attempt is made,
then his fate will be his own
He will share it with a mirror,
and he'll live it all alone

But he's stubborn, and he's foolish,
and he's proud to a fault
Keeping who he is a secret,
hidden safe within his vault

And no coaxing or cajoling
can pull him from his shell
He insists that it's his life,
and he thinks he's lived it well

So he has turned invisible,
and there's not much else to say
If that is how he wants it,
then that's how it will stay

Written 7/13/06

Look at me, I'm a star

Look at me, I'm a star
There's no doubt that I'll go far
I can dance, I can sing,
I can do most anything

Look at me, I'm so pretty
You're not me, oh, what a pity!
I've got talent, I've got skills
I'm the moment, I'm the thrills

I want fame, and want it now
The path to this, I don't care how
I want money, and want respect,
but hard work? That I reject

Why should I sit, like all those fools,
wasting time in silly schools?
I've got attitude and the looks
Things you just can't learn from books

I haven't trained, but that's okay
I haven't studied, but there's a way
I don't need brains. Just look at me!
I'm a success. I'm on TV!

I was so famous, for about an hour
But after that, l lost my power
An instant hero, in an instant age,
but you got bored, and turned the page

Oh, what happened? Where did I go wrong?
I danced your dance and sang your song
Now I'm a villain, and hated plenty
Hey, where's my fans? And where's my money?

I was a god, but the phone stopped ringing
I'm now a joke, and so is my singing
My "skills" have faded. Aren't worth a dime
Guess I was just plastic all this time

So now I've learned, and now I know,
as I watch others come and go
No matter the name, no matter the streak,
you're just the flavor of the week

Look at me, I was a star
I rose high, and I fell far
But that's the way things have to be,
in this country, and on TV

Written 8/11/06


I'm a skeptic sure with ravaged eyes,
and fully aware of dramatic lies,
I keep what I think to my own,
leaving toxic hypocrites all alone

Written 9/11/06

The toaster doesn't care

The floor said I was all dead weight,
and the carpet backed the statement
The ceiling said I was too short,
and I ain't down with the basement
The hallways, they close in on me,
and the mirror gives this stare
The stove is cold, the freezer hot,
and the toaster doesn't care

The shower spits out all these curses,
and my toothbrush brushes me off
My comb keeps pulling at my roots,
and my mouthwash makes me cough
The television watches me instead,
and all of this just isn't fair
The couch won't sit, nor the table stand,
and the toaster doesn't care

My car's negative comments run me down,
and the alarm clock screams that I'm a joke
The smoke detector smokes, just because I don't,
and my tie gave me a choke
The washer and dryer have stained my reputation,
and now I have a least-favorite chair
The remote has changed, the vacuum cleaner sucks,
and the toaster doesn't care

How I've tried so hard to be their friend,
but they hate me all the same
My wallet said I left it feeling empty,
and the credit card stole my name
So I packed my bags, but they tossed themselves out
Well, I'll simply leave them there
Let the kitchen sink weep, and the telephone talk
I'm free, and I don't care

Written 1/28/07

When bagpipes play

There's a sound, a mournful tune,
which calls when people leave too soon
It floats on high, but sinks so low,
and tells us that they have to go
It shakes the nerves, like saintly choir,
and brings us to the funeral pyre
Whenever you hear bagpipes play,
that means that someone died today

A teenage boy, too young to shave,
proved his worth by the life he gave
Caught in a hole, he bowed his head
The shrapnel fell, and he was dead
They wrote his mother, they told his dad
Your son gave all that he ever had
And so that's it, nothing more to say
Send him home, as the bagpipes play

A courageous nurse, pulling her weight
Got caught up in a war of hate
She healed the wounded, she prayed their prayers
She felt their pain, and heartache shared
But there was a mine, out on the road,
The jeep kept moving, and never slowed
And that was it, no more prayers to pray
Send her home, as the bagpipes play

A fighter pilot, brave as can be,
was flying over Italy
But anti-aircraft rocked his ride
His face all black, blood from his side
He landed her, that much is true,
but nothing else then he could do
One last breath, and there he'd stay
Still in the field, as bagpipes play

We know it now as history
Some call it fate, or meant to be
But if that lie is allowed to spread,
it matters not what's done and said
If we don't heed and we don't learn,
someday soon it'll be our turn
And then we'll see that we were wrong,
as we sit and listen to our song

There's a sound, a mournful tune,
which calls when people leave too soon
It floats on high, but sinks so low,
and tells us that we have to go
Whenever you hear bagpipes play,
that means that someone died today
When war and anger sets the pace,
we all have failed as a human race

Written 2/2/07

We are One under the Sun

The thing I'm sure of,
and this I know

The certain fact
that will never go

The single great truth
of my entire life:

We are One
under the Sun

Written 2/25/07

We all can't be lion tamers

There's only so much glory,
as rare as true success
Mostly it won't happen,
no matter how you press
We're not all of us heroes,
no matter what they say
We all can't be lion tamers
It doesn't work that way
Some of us must fail,
and others so must die
Don't bother wasting time
in asking how or why
Accept it as a fact,
or fight it if you say
It won't make a difference
It doesn't work that way
A pyramid needs a bottom,
so we all can't live up there
If one's rich, another's poor
I know: It isn't fair
But Justice, well, she's blind,
so she can't see to say
There's no hope for the hopeless
It doesn't work that way
This is our situation,
and it's not going to change
Yes, you're right: It's very wrong
Yes, you're right: It's very strange
If I could I'd make things better,
but it's not for me to say
You can't undo what will be done
It doesn't work that way
Dream on if you must,
and keep thinking like you do
Don't worry: You'll get the picture,
and in the end, it'll get you, too
We all can't rule the world,
or dance in heaven, like the fables say
We all can't be lion tamers
It doesn't work that way
Written 9/13/07

Coffins in the cellar

Old Man Jones
and his coffins
In the cellar
Building them
All smiles
Loving the smell of cheap pine
Stacking them
like pancakes
Stained with God knows what
in the cellar
Some empty, some not


Written 10/1/07

Brute Freak

Brute Freak
in the woods
Ripping campers apart
parked cars
Full moon shows the murders
Twisted. Ugly
Not human. Not human?!
Go back
to your woods
and wait for more teenagers


Written 10/1/07


when I'm running
it doesn't feel right
Something is missing
It's better
on a diamond
Past the dirt
Through the grass
I told you
when I'm running
I need more
More than the usual
I need
a hat on my head
a glove in my hand
and spikes on my feet

Written 10/1/07


riding the bench
A catcher
Back-up catcher
Knees in trouble
Knuckles broken
Too many collisions
Every year
more kids
Younger, stronger
So I'll sit
I'll ride the bench
It's back-up or pack up
and I'm not ready to leave

Written 10/1/07

Two Souls

A love of hope
A fantasy dream
Drift there with me
like a pooling stream
All through the kisses
the light and praise
Two souls are joined
The miracle plays

Written 10/1/07


It was there once
That whole life thing
But then, it got destroyed


Written 10/5/07

Between the sheets

So there she was
between the sheets
and on the other side
an empty spot
just waiting

Written 10/5/07

55 known ways

There are 55 known ways
to screw something up
No, wait

Written 10/5/07


If only
the whole world
could fit inside of a pumpkin

Written 10/5/07

Pigeons in the parking lot

There's little to say
There's always little to say
Things aren't what you expect
It's never a pot of gold,
or ten good turns,
or anything. Not anything
No gusts of perfect wind
No moonlight walks
Forget it. Keep dreaming
This isn't a lie
This is the truth
There's just nothing to say
It's only the usual
in heavy doses
If that's bad, well, too bad
It's nothing
The same thing, right there
See it, and know it, for sure
A junk of a car,
a supermarket dying,
and pigeons in the parking lot
That's all
Maybe almost invisible
But either way, it doesn't matter

Written 10/5/07

Our only life

Doing what we do
Straight suicide
More than regret in that
The stress, grief
All the way to zero
The self-hate
Must be
It would explain things
But no
Not so simple
Never is
Don't ask
Don't know
That's a
hollow question
echoing backwards
But it's a shame
to think
what could be
What should
Oh, the shame!
So damn close
and then
it's gone
from the hands
and fell
Scrambled forever
but we remain
as we do, daily
Breathing only to stop
the dream
The something
The all
that will
be none
the light
within us
our only life

Written 10/10/07


The Tonic
The Black Liquid
Salter of Sin
those cravings
deep and constant
of livers
To hell with it
and another
Streaming the flow
the action of night
The Tonic
All yours


Written 10/17/07

A shock of white hair

Look at the carnage
and see what is there
1,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair
Camps all over
but no one to care
2,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair
Slaughter and chaos
The blood everywhere
3,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair
Smell of the gas
Ashes in the air
4,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair
The piles of ghosts
Nothing can compare
5,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair
Look at the carnage
Go look if you dare
6,000,000 bones
and a shock of white hair

Written 10/17/07

Ton Tom Sun

Down into the green valley
Rushing like the wind
They hit the river hard
falling from their boats
Dragging to the shore
Through mud they made their way
Over many passes
too narrow for the group
Behind them jungle maze
Can't turn back now
Darkest night of all
Reading the map by match-light
Raining like the Bible
Pouring over their hats
Trembling with the fever
Feet raw and bloody
Nine straight days of humidity
Sticking to their skin
Bugs beyond annoying
Crazy from the heat
But on the 15th comes the clearing
Like arms spreading out the sky
Then they saw it, just past the waterfall
The entrance to the lost city
Like children they bumbled forward
Too happy to keep their still
Clambering over the sacrificial altar
They pushed back the low hanging branches
And there, smiling like pure madness,
carved deep into the white stone,
was the face of the Patagonian
The one called Ton Tom Sun

Written 10/22/07

He, whore

He, whore
sold out
awful quickly

Gave in
to the mob
Turned his back on the mirror

Wrote them
what they wanted
Crap. What they love

Got him published
But inside, so ashamed

all this garbage
had lost him who he was

now whore
can be bought, like all others

Written 11/3/07

The Lighter Fluid Gang

If you don't dig phonies
or frauds or fakes
If you see politically correct
as just many mistakes
If you think for yourself
and speak without slang
Then you're one of us:
The Lighter Fluid Gang
If you're honest and upfront
and say what you mean
If you walk the line straight
and play the game clean
If you're not full of crap
and still have some pride
Then this is your group
and this is your side
If you're just a nobody
A no one from nowhere
Yet still speak your mind
and still really care
Then you've got courage
in no small amount
This means you matter
This means you count
You may feel all alone
but that just isn't so
If you walk with us now
there's no telling where we'll go
All travelers are welcome
regardless of your position
All people, all races
One voice, one mission
Here then is our cause
Our sacred mandate
To convert the whole world
without malice or hate
We ask nothing so complicated
and nothing so tough
Just be truthful in life
That alone is enough
So that is our message
and that is our plan
To say what we think
and to help if we can
That's what we strive for
Our hopes on this hang
This is who we are
The Lighter Fluid Gang
Written 9/19/08

Twice The Children Laughing

Twice the children laughing
No other could they say
For One was just too lonely,
and Three had passed away
Twice the children laughing
That Four was but a joke
This Five is very suspect
Their Six had never spoke
Twice the children laughing
What Seven here could save?
What Eight do people trust in?
What Nine has ever gave?
Twice the children laughing
So Ten would be no fun
The Zero is a heartache,
and therefore we are done
Written 7/17/08


Orphans through the window
Widows down the hall
See them walking slowly
Watch them as they fall
Mothers without daughters
Fathers without sons
Murder without Madness
Bullets without Guns
Dropped off on the side-streets
Nowhere else to go
Lay down, scoundrel bastard
Don't wait for the show
All of them abandoned
Left for dead for sure
Little do they realize
that's the only cure
Written 7/17/08

Greedy Came To Dinner

Greedy came to dinner
Crashed the party place
Didn't wear a napkin
Didn't wash its face
Sat where it was sitting
Took all it could take
Reaching without asking
Gave no one a break
Chewed as loud as thunder
Drank without concern
Spilling more than liquid
Secrets people learn
And, when it was over,
they all paid their respects
For Greedy had the millions,
and Greedy signed the checks
Written 7/17/08

My Own Certain Somewhere

Here, in this hour,
these things I will say
I'm not here to grovel
I'm not here to pray
I'm not looking for much
I expect even less
I'm no hero of heroes
No sweeping success
All I want is a place
that I call my own
I will go there, and sit there,
and be all alone
You see, that's what I'm asking
I think that it's fair
All I want is a corner
My Own Certain Somewhere
You can have all your friendship
You can have all your love
I'm not searching for that
Not down here or above
I don't want your affection
I don't want your praise
Sweet words are too hollow
That stuff never stays
I seek out no religion
No angle to play
I am what I am,
and I say what I say
I've no use for authority,
and I hate to be judged
That warrant is illegal
The ink is all smudged
So keep your damn Heaven,
and keep your damn Hell
I don't care if he rose
I don't care how he fell
No more bowing to stories,
and things I didn't see
I have faith in one thing
I have faith in just me
I believe what is true,
if the truth can be proved
For truth, and truth alone,
is how I am moved
That is all I want now
That is all I desire
A quiet little place,
for no saint and no liar
And there, in my world,
free of phony and fake,
I'll have what is real,
and they'll be no mistake
My Own Certain Somewhere
I wish it were so
If I could have that, God,
then that's where I'd go
Written 8/6/08


when you say what you mean
you really mean something else
And sometimes
when you think you know better
you're really just fooling yourself
when it matters the most
that's when it actually matters the least
And sometimes
when you think you're lost
that's where you'll find your only peace
when the time is right
it turns out that it was all wrong
And Sometimes
when the hour is up
it just seems to go on and on...
when you make too much sense
that's when you make no sense at all
And Sometimes
which sometimes happens
Sometimes we must rise to fall
Written  9/2/08

The Great Black Rabbit Mass

On a cold and windy morning
with the clouds all thick and gray
came the creatures of the forest
all together on that day
They were joined in single sorrow
from the Badger to the Bass
They had come to pay respects
at The Great Black Rabbit Mass
As dawn broke it commenced
and the mourners found their place
All the animals represented
Every species, every race
Then the Rooster gave a call
and the party grew to calm,
and Deer opened the proceedings
with the reading of a psalm
After that there rose the Owl
who would tell the reason why
that a group of helpless Rabbits
had to suffer and to die
You see, there was a field,
rather wide and richly green
Just a place, like any another
Often walked and often seen
But this field was slightly different
for it housed a different sort
All Rabbits, black in color,
called this field both home and port
And for years they'd lived their lives
and they flourished as they might
Eating grass within the sunshine
Digging deep when it was night
And of course, from time to time,
a Rabbit there would die
Tracked down by Coyote footsteps
or caught in the Eagle's eye
Through it all, though, they survived,
and would have survived still
But you see, there was this Man,
and this Man had come to kill
Oh, in truth it wasn't intentional
The Man wasn't even aware
He had come to build a factory
He didn't know the Rabbits were there
No evil was in his heart
No hatred of Bird and Plants
It was all a big mistake
Just a matter of circumstance
But either way, it didn't matter
for the field would have to go
So the Man decided to burn it
Burn it down, burn it slow
On that day, the field was wet
with the fluid born to blaze
and the Rabbits, scared and trembling,
crawled with fear into their maze
Up, up it went
All the smoke into the sky
All the red and orange danced
All the embers made to fly
Such a scene was meant for Hell
but it came to Earth instead
And the Rabbits, in that field,
all the Rabbits wound up dead
They had tried, with all their courage,
to escape their grisly fate
But the flames were just too hot
and the smoke was just too great
And at the last, when hope was gone,
the whole field let out a cry
All the Rabbits started screaming
for they didn't want to die
But finally, the field grew silent,
as they kicked and choked their last
All the bodies, burned and mangled,
now a memory from the past
And so, with heavy hearts
there the creatures came to meet
One last time, upon that field,
stained with blood beneath their feet
On the blackened ground they stood
and they said their solemn prayer
And they promised to remember
all the Rabbits that died there
So the Owl spoke the eulogy,
while the Earthworms blessed the grave
And the Cottontails, the closest brothers,
held their tears just to be brave
They all marched, with simple dignity,
past the spot, and beyond, too
With the Doves mourning the most,
because that's what all Doves do
And then it ended, in the last,
with Cardinal feathers as a funeral pall
One by one, they thus departed,
as the rain began to fall
They'll never know. The Men, I mean
The ones who played the cruelest part
They'll never know the pain that followed
They'll never feel that broken heart
They'll never know and never learn
what occured and what came to pass
They'll never know what happened there
at the Great Black Rabbit Mass
Written 11/19/08

For Destiny and Revenge

At a time and in a place
an argument had come to light
It was little when it started
but soon threatened to ignite
All the while they calmed the many
Said that all was safe and sound
They would meet to settle issues
Doing so on neutral ground
And they talked, but never listened
And they spoke, but never heard
Tore the treaties on the tables
Told a lie with every word
So that finally, it was pointless,
and they all then left their seat
Vowing vengeance in their whispers
Vowing death before defeat
And then they gathered numbers,
and brought force to the border
Saying that they wanted blood
Seeking out a new world order
But even though they threatened heavy,
an angry shot had not been fired
For a few still clung to hope
To the peace that they desired
Yet in the trembling of that hour,
in the tension and the fear
The end result was fairly obvious:
The mighty war would soon be here
And then, there came that shot,
the fabled one in books of fate
Then a second, and a third,
and by then it was too late
Soon the blood ran in the valleys
and the fighting grew and grew
Although why, they couldn't say,
because no one really knew
All that mattered was the outcome,
for things had to be avenged
So they claimed to fight for glory,
for destiny, and revenge
In the months and years that followed
more and more began to fall
Blowing up on sandy beaches
Shot before they reached the wall
The bleeding time, it kept up steady
until only two remained
Just two armies, and no others
Barely men, and barely trained
All civilians had been killed,
with the bombs and in their landing
Just these two, these two alone
These were the only ones left standing
And now, as they squared off,
a single soldier came through the smoke
He stepped out in no man's land
Cleared his mind, and then he spoke:
"Brothers, it's been too much
All the pain and all the dying
Safe to say, we've both been wrong
Both been guilty and been lying
We're all that's left now in the world,
so why should we keep on fighting?
The time has come for a great truce
A great peace, and reuniting
Therefore, we ask you, on this battlefield,
in this moment and in this hour,
to lay down the dogs of war
and rob this conflict of its power
We wait, then, for your answer,
and we pray you see it true
Oh my brothers, you are us,
and all of us, we are you."
With that, the soldier finished,
and the other side watched him go
Was it real, the peace he offered?
They weren't sure. They didn't know
For a while they thought it over,
and were about to call cease fire,
when a hot-head jumped a log
A green recruit, and still a liar:
"Are you fools? It's just a trick!
A devious plan from a wily brain
To accept it would be suicide
To agree would be insane
They talk of peace, but still hold weapons
Sharp as teeth of an alligator
They call us brothers, but from a distance
All the earmarks of a traitor
They say all this, but for a reason:
They know we've got the upper hand
We control more of the river
More of the sky, and of the land
I ask then, did we fight so long,
just to quit when victory is near?
Would our dead heroes agree to this?
Would they surrender if they were here?
No, I say! They would battle on!
Push the enemy to certain death!
In their names, then, let us rise up now!
Let their voices be our breath!
We fight for those long perished,
and it's they we will avenge!
We do this thing for glory,
for destiny, and revenge!"
These words, then, lit their fire
These words, they cast a spell
They roared with eager madness,
and upon the enemy fell
Such a frenzy then broke out
All the killing was obscene
On both sides there was no mercy
In this fight was nothing clean
In the smoke and the confusion
many soldiers even killed a friend
Until finally, it grew silent
with the day's light at an end
In the glow of dying sunshine,
one could see the hideous pile
All the dead, twisted and crooked,
like the Devil's darkest smile
But among them came a movement
First one and then another
Living still was the hot-head,
as well as the one who called him brother
The green recruit was little harmed,
and had a weapon by his side
But the other, bleeding badly,
had but minutes before he died
The hot-head stood above him,
put the weapon near his chest
The man looked at him sadly,
this man who'd tried his best
And then, without a word,
the green recruit killed him dead
Put one round in his heart,
and two more in his head
There, standing proudly,
the hot-head gave a smile
The winner of the war
The finisher of the mile
All the glory swelled within him
All the power and the praise
This would be his sacred moment
Till the end of all his days
He was champion of champions
The bravest and the true
He was the last man standing
This he was and this he knew
In his trance, then, he turned,
without looking down to find
the road that was beneath him
The road that had been mined
And maybe, in that instant,
right before the bomb detonated
Maybe he realized what he had done
Maybe. It can be debated
However, it doesn't matter
No one cares and no one knows
The hot-head was blown to pieces
Just more food for hungry crows
And so, that ends the tale
A sad one, if I may say
Hopefully, though, just a story
Nothing for an actual day
This, then, is what happens
when you seek to avenge
No destiny and no glory,
and on yourself you take revenge
Written 12/1/08

This love story

Oh, the summer it was fading,
all the days now gone and spent
On the beaches they lamented
and asked where the season went
It had been a fine vacation,
but the leisure time was through
There was work and there was school,
as well as other things to do
Now for most this was accepted,
without trouble to the heart,
but for two it wasn't easy,
for it meant they had to part
A young boy and a young girl
For three months they were together
Making love beneath the stars
Swearing that it'd last forever
But such things, they always crumble,
built on nothing but the sand
For the sweethearts it was over,
and their hour was at hand
The bags were packed and ready
They were leaving like the rest
The girl lived in the East,
and the boy lived in the West
Yes, they cursed the name of Fate
Cried and wailed to sky and thunder
Sharing tears and mournful faces
as their love was torn asunder
They had tried to run away,
seeking vows of man and wife,
but their parents had refused it
After all, this was real life
So that now, on the last evening,
they were separated across the lake
No more time for gentle kissing
No more walks that they could take
As punishment they were forbidden
to even say a final goodbye
And they were told not to think it,
and they were warned not to try
But the flame of passion is stubborn,
and it burns so very hot
Always foolish in its nature,
free of reason and of thought
In secret style they passed a message,
setting up a rendezvous,
and in the darkness they departed,
for the place that they both knew
They would meet upon the waters
In a boat the two would climb
All the love that dwelt within them
They would share it one last time
And when the moment soon arrived,
a flash of lanterns pierced the night,
and they rowed, out to each other
Out to the hope within the light
They made progress, and drew nearer
She called to him, and he gave a smile
He could see her. They were close
Fifty feet, but like a mile
He rowed, in frantic fashion
Only a few yards now remained
All he cared for, all he wanted
All of this would soon be gained
They saw each other, and ceased their oars
She stood up and said his name
He reached for her, she reached for him,
and in that instant they were the same
But then, before they touched,
a deafening shriek began to play
The heavens lit with fireworks,
for it was now our Labor Day
And in that moment, the girl was startled,
from the noise and from the flash,
and she fell down into the water,
with a cry and with a splash
From the boy then rose a panic,
for he knew she could not swim,
and a need to save his love
simply washed right over him
So he tossed away his lantern,
in a haste and without thinking,
for the girl was drowning now,
barely able to keep from sinking
As he dove in all came unbalanced,
and the boat began to slide,
so that it turned completely over,
trapping him alone inside
Under the waves he held his breath,
and found his way up to the air,
but when he did the girl was gone
He didn't see her anywhere
He screamed her name, but heard no answer
The lake was black and without sound
The fireworks had ended early
All was quiet. All so profound
He called again, choking with tears,
but the surface didn't break
She was lost, and the boy knew it,
but that fact he couldn't take
So he dove down, way down,
hoping against hope to find her still,
but alas, it wasn't enough
Not all his effort and all his will
Yet he continued in his search,
and his body grew so tired,
that at last he stopped swimming,
sank below, and soon expired
Only the boats then did remain,
swaying calmly at the Moon
They were the two silent witnesses
to this sad and sorry tune
And so it ended, this love story,
in a way so tragically sad
Just three months was all they were given
Just three months was all they had
But maybe somehow, if there's a Heaven,
then perhaps they are together
And this time, it's not three months
This time, it is forever
Written 2/5/09

An empty pair of shoes

Started bright and new,
squeaking with anticipation
Shiny, polished, fresh
Fast and on the go
Slowed down during time,
but still moving about
Useable, still laced
Comfortable. Broken in
But soon, feeling the ache
Street so hard and pounding
Holding on, a single knot
Day by day, like a drunk
Now, nearly soleless
Stains and holes all over
Not even tied anymore
No point, really
Finally, tossed away
Like a bad piece of fish
Always dependable, always loyal,
but still forgotten
On the bottom, within the trash barrel,
as if it never even existed
All the pain in the entire world
stuffed into an empty pair of shoes
Written 2/15/09

Just tremble for me

Down now
upon the bed
Let the lights expire
Tuck your hair
behind the pillow
Don't want it in the way
Starting slow
I'll run my hand
Back and forth, in and out
No talking
There's no words here
They're not needed
The pressure
A little more now
Faster is the pace
But still,
we'll take our time
Never rush past the feeling
All quiet,
except for breathing
Heavy and excited
I'll draw that in,
along with your scent
Delving deeper, always deeper
A gentle moan
Ah, how lovely
Like music to the ears
More and more,
soon constant pressure
Again and again
Don't be scared
I'll bring you there
You'll arrive, I promise
Just lay back
and allow it to happen
Let it draw to a climax
Almost time
One can feel it
The body tense with signals
Here it is
Here we go
The pleasure beyond compare
But please,
in that moment,
I ask one thing of you
Just tremble for me,
Just tremble for me
Written 2/16/09

100,000 dark moments

All of them
The pain and misery
The uncertainty
and despair
The troubles
The doubts and regrets
The lonely feeling
in the lonely hour
The sadness
Thick and unpleasant
All the times
when the silence won out
The fear
The dread of tomorrow
in a drowning way
The ache
The unbearable anguish
The knife
that twists forever
All of them
100,000 dark moments
All of them
constant and near
Written 3/26/09

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