Goodbye Summer, farewell Sun

Goodbye, Summer. Farewell, Sun
What a shame you had to go
Where you are, and where you'll be,
I'm afraid we'll never know

Goodbye, Summer. Farewell, Sun
You were here, but now have fled
The grass is brown, the leaves have turned,
the flowers, sick and dead

Goodbye, Summer. Farewell, Sun
So now passes another season
We can't say how, and we can't say why,
perhaps there is just no reason

Goodbye, Summer. Farewell, Sun
You were a kind and decent friend
The life was lived, a mere flash in time,
but all things, they come to an end

So goodbye, Summer. Farewell, Sun
What a shame you had to go
Where you are, and where you'll be,
only God Himself does know

Written September, 2004

2,000 years ago

2,000 years ago, He was brought before the court
The charge was heresy, of a manner and a sort
Soon He was found guilty, and the sentence thus was made
And sadly, it was final, and in blood it must be paid

He was dragged all through the streets. He was beaten and was whipped
He staggered as He walked, and many times He tripped
Until finally they arrived, at the place of all the dead
His eyes were wet and crimson, from the thorns around His head

They drove nails into His wrists. They drove nails into His feet
They placed Him in the air, this man so kind and sweet
The sun beat down upon Him. He struggled just for air
The world was set to kill Him, for the world just wasn't fair

At last His time drew near. At last His life was spent
At last His flame was snuffed, as out His candle went
He drew His final breath, and to the heavens He then sighed,
and upon that wooden cross, the man called Jesus died

They brought His body down. They bundled Him in a sheet
And laid Him in a tomb, so quiet and discreet
And the men who called Him master, they wept as they had prayed
For their teacher now was gone, and their futures had so grayed

But on that blessed Sunday, when Mary visited the tomb,
the rock was rolled away, like a child from a womb
And there, behold, was the splendor, of the Glory of the Lord
He'd returned from death itself, and all such hearts then soared!

He instructed His apostles to spread His word to the many
So that all may find peace, for there were those that hadn't any
To look each enemy in the eye, to look each stranger in the face,
and to see all men as brothers. To see all as one race

And then, He thus departed. He rose up from the ground
He went back to the Father, and in Heaven He was crowned
But He promised to return, one day in all His glory,
to end the grief and tears, and begin a better story

Written April, 2004

In Iraq

In Iraq,
it's hit and attack
Fire off some rounds,
and then fall back

Bombs every minute,
cars all aflame
Don't know the culprit,
so who is to blame?

Brave young soldiers,
they do their best
But they are called tyrants,
and unwelcomed guests

Sand and blood,
blood and sand
No shining medals,
no marching band

Innocent civilians,
their lives torn apart
They look at the rubble,
and must make a new start

In Iraq,
the good die first
This is always the saddest,
this is always the worst

Written September, 2004

In a dark, dark place

In a dark, dark place
is where my mind does dwell
For things have not been pleasant,
and things have not been well

In a dark, dark place
I gaze out at the light
But all is so distorted,
and doesn't look quite right

In a dark, dark place
there's anger and there's hate
The structure of my thoughts
in such a jumbled state

In a dark, dark place
I see regret and shame
For youth was born and wasted,
burned in an ugly flame

In a dark, dark place
lies ruin and despair
The world may sink and suffer,
for I simply do not care

In a dark, dark place
is where I deem to be
To hell with everyone
In fact, to hell with me

Written October, 2004

The last, best efforts of my being

The last, best efforts of my being
I gave them and they were not enough
I took a chance at something I believed in
I tried, and did all that I could,
and still I found no success

I desired it the way you are supposed to
I dreamed of all the things that might be
I saw it, but I just could not grasp it
If fate or destiny actually exists,
then I guess it was not in the cards

I tried and tried again
I kept the faith within me alive
But it didn't matter
I still failed, as I had before
I still failed, like always

I had this notion from within
This belief all the way from childhood
That if you wanted something bad enough,
you could simply will it to be
Not so, not so, not so. Certainly not so

I tried yet again
More out of stubbornness than anything else
But the results would not budge
Myself against the world,
and the world won again

I began to think that everyone was against me
That they all wanted me to fail
Whether rational or not, I believed it
That the whole system of the universe was set up
just to keep me from succeeding and being happy

I tried still again, now out of hatred
I wanted to crush and destroy those who mocked me
Those who gloated and taunted me to my face
But you seldom find harmony in rage,
and my case would be no different

So at last, I came to the end
The hour of great desperation
One last chance, one last attempt,
one last moment where I thought I might beat them
But no, I fell short. Everything came up empty

And now, here I am, broken and defeated
I believe in absolutely nothing,
for at least nothingness can be depended on
It doesn't change, it doesn't judge, it doesn't disappoint
It will always be what it is

Perhaps I am full of self-pity
Perhaps everything I just said is wrong
I certainly, certainly hope so
I would very much love to be wrong,
but so far it hasn't been proven otherwise

I hate the world and everyone in it
If God exists, I hate Him as well
I know that I should not think this way,
but how can I be anything but honest?
It's all I have left. Myself. Who I am

However, do not be like me. Don't ever be like me
Bitter, and angry, and brimming with disgust
As I said before, that is not the way a person should be
I'm not exactly sure how one should think and act,
but I know it's not like me. This I know for certain

Do all the good things that sweet poets write about
Make love, fall in love, be understanding and enjoy life
If my path is wrong, then the other must be right
Follow that one. Follow it for as long as it takes you
I guarantee you will not regret it in the end

As for me, I will stay my course
There is no turning back. I refuse
If I am to spend my existence in futility, so be it
I have gone this far, and in my mind,
the only way out is forward. Forward. Always forward

And when I am gone, mark it on my grave
Let it be set in stone forever
It should read:

"I gave the last, best efforts of my being,
and sadly, it was not enough."

Written October, 2004

The ape sat alone

Thousands and thousands of years ago,
when we were still animals,
there was a small group of primates
Let us call them apes

These apes behaved in the traditional manner
They hunted when they had to hunt,
they fought when they had to fight,
and they ran when they had to run

Their lives were very simple,
and showed no signs of advancement
That is, their minds had reached a certain point,
and could go no further

And it stayed this way for a long, long time,
until one day, one very cold day,
the group realized that their food was low,
and that they didn't have enough for everyone

So they made a decision,
to drive out one of their own
Let one starve to death,
so that the group may survive

They chose a lower male,
whose thoughts were very simple
They beat him and they kicked him,
and finally, off he went

It was very, very cold,
and he staggered in the snow
He was dying, and his strength was fading
He sat down and waited for death to take him

But as he did so, he kicked a stone,
and that stone brushed up against a larger stone
There was a spark as the rock bounced away
The ape saw this, and it puzzled him

The spark reminded him very much
of the warm fires he had seen
The fires the group would obtain
whenever lightning struck a tree

So he picked up another rock,
and struck it against the stone
Again, there was the spark
There was his bolt of lightning

And slowly, an idea formed in his mind
He placed sticks and twigs in a pile,
and made the sparks over that pile
Again and again and again

Finally, as if by magic, a fire blazed up,
and the ape remembered the warmth
He huddled next to it all night,
and it saved his very life

During the day the ape ate some roots,
and built a bigger fire
Again he made the sparks,
and the blaze roared into the sky

Soon night fell once more,
and the ape stayed close to his fire
He gazed into the red flames
He watched them dancing back and forth

And here the ape sat,
and he began to think more clearly
For you see, he was alone,
and his mind could work much better

Strange, fantastic thoughts
began to appear before his eyes
He saw sharper, more intricate tools
He saw kills cooked and not spolied

He saw smooth stones being used for hunting
Slinging them from the skin of an animal
The planting of things in the ground,
so that they may grow again and be saved

The skin of the animals itself might be worn,
on the body or on the feet
The fire itself may be brought into the cave
The young ones may not grow sick and die so quickly

All these amazing visions
came down into his brain
He sat and stared into the fire
All alone, out in the cold

And after a great, great while,
he stood up, and pushed out his chest
He cast his eyes to the Moon,
and in that moment, he went beyond it

For something inside him had changed
He was not who he once was
Was not what he once was
He must tell the others. He must

So the ape soon made his way
back to the caves of his group
And he showed them all these things,
all these wonders that he had created

And they bowed down to him,
for he was now their leader, their alpha
And the group made progress,
and passed it to other groups in other caves

So this is how it began
How it all started
All because, on one cold night,
a group of apes ran out of food

And they banished one of their own,
and in that vastness of ignorance,
the ape sat alone
He sat alone, and he changed

For when he left, he was still an ape
Just another creature clinging to life
But when he returned, he was different
He was a man. A being of ideas

The ape sat alone,
and from him was born the human race
Be thankful to the heavens above
that he did not die out there in the cold

Written October, 2004

Seven psychiatrists

I was feeling rather blue one day,
so I decided to see a doctor
Not a doctor for the body,
but one for the mind

I flipped through the phonebook
until I found the page for psychiatrists
I looked over all the names
They all seemed alike to me

Then I had an idea
Something I had been thinking about trying
I got out a pen
and I circled the names of seven different doctors

Then I made separate appointments
with each and every one of them
Seven psychiatrists
Seven different sessions

The first doctor turned out to be a woman
About 50 years old or so
She appeared rather motherly,
and I liked that. It was comforting

I began to tell her my problems,
and at once I started to lie
I made up this story about child abuse,
and an alcoholic father who used to beat me

She bought the story completely
Hook, line and sinker
I am not even a very good liar,
but it worked just the same

The second psychiatrist was also a woman
Older than the first, but sterner
This was a good thing
I expected to get caught this time

I told this tale about being a sailor,
and how a Hawaiian girl broke my heart
I cannot tell you how disappointed I was
She ate up every word with a spoon

The third psychiatrist was a man
Heavy, with a mustache
He spoke rather quickly,
and for some reason this impressed me

Out came my heartache
I had but ten months to live
Surely, he would see through this one
Surely, he wouldn't believe me

Wrong. Dead wrong
He even got out a bible,
and we prayed together
I felt sick

And so on it went, until finally,
the sessions were completed
Seven different psychiatrists
Seven different made-up stories

And not one of them, not a single one,
ever figured it out
When I asked them what was wrong with me,
it was always an excuse rather than the truth

It wasn't my fault, someone else was to blame
Bad childhood, bad relationships
Anything as long as it wasn't what I wanted to hear:
"Sir, I believe you are a liar, and are wasting my time."

I thought perhaps they were stringing me along
Lying as well to keep from hurting my feelings
To keep me returning and paying them over and over
But I don't think that was the case

No, unfortunately,
I think they did actually believe me
One of them even prescribed medicine
Again, I felt very sick

You see, I wanted them to catch me
I wanted them to figure me out
But they couldn't,
and I'm not even a good liar

Scream and yell at me,
expose me for the fraud that I was,
but always it was gentle words
Soft, quiet advice

That was my experiment
I wanted to see if there was at least one person,
one person in this damn world,
that you couldn't lie to. Who couldn't be tricked

That there was at least one person
who could see through everyone's crap
One person who would always tell it like it is
Honest, and straightforward. But there simply just isn't

I figured professionals of the mind were those people
I figured they'd see the clearest
But in truth, it was the opposite
They were the biggest suckers of all

So there it is
That's what I've learned
We all lie, at least in some way,
and no one can detect it

So now I'm stuck,
and that is that
I can't believe anything I hear
because we're all full of shit

I've learned that you can lie to anyone
and make them believe it
You can lie to yourself
and you won't ever figure it out

Written October, 2004

Up there

Up there,
it begins to form
A crystal, cold and exact

So small,
and yet so detailed
Like nothing else you'll find

It falls,
down to the ground
Floating wildly on waves of air

Until finally,
it touches the earth,
and melts off into oblivion

Written 12/06/04

I wish to see the rainbow

I wish to see the rainbow
before it is no more
For soon the sky will crumble
and fade to myth and lore

I wish to see the tiger
before it is no more
For soon its eyes will close
and silence be its roar

I wish to see the ocean
before it is no more
For soon it will dry up
and be a lifeless floor

I wish to see the mountain
before it is no more
For soon it will fall down
and shut another door

I wish to see it all
right to its very core
I wish to see the rainbow
before it is no more

Written 12/06/04


Perhaps a single rose,
soft, with crimson petals
A heart, filled with sweetness,
decorated in frills of lily

Or maybe, a ring of diamonds,
earrings that hang all ablaze
A bracelet, wrapped in gold,
around a delicate wrist

But then, it could be something,
something greater than such trinkets
Just a kiss upon a cheek,
a warm embrace within the darkness

A look, in another's eyes,
a glance of deeper meaning
A love that grew inside,
and bloomed when time was right

Written 1/20/05

An ugly brick wall

It's an ugly brick wall
I walk by it every day
It's stained from years of weather
The damn thing is falling apart

I walked by it again yesterday
There's graffiti just about everywhere
Garbage cans piled against it
A loose brick fell on the ground

I stared at it today
For some reason it depresses me
I don't know. Maybe....
Maybe it's sort of like a person

When it was first built,
it was probably strong
Lean, and tall, and proud
Something proper, something fine

But then, over the years,
it began to sag, and just give up
And then, it decided to sit there,
and wait for it all to end

I don't know. Maybe.....
Maybe that's in store for me
Maybe I'll become useless,
and just sit there, like that wall

I certainly don't want that,
but it does happen, all the time
I mean, those miserable old timers out there,
do you think they saw that coming?

Maybe that's what I'll be
Maybe I simply can't avoid it
I'll be nothing but an ugly brick wall,
just waiting to fall apart

Written 1/20/05


He rose,
when dawn awakened
He shone,
like stars so bright

He passed,
from tomb into sunshine
He died,
yet walked once more

Written 2/11/05


There is nothing so beautiful
as a mother's love
Nothing so sincere,
so constant and true

There is no one in this world
who will ever love you deeper
Someone who cares more
than you care about you

Written 2/13/05

When the Old Gods come back

When the Old Gods come back,
how the world will go insane
We will pull down all the comforts,
and put up the endless pain

When the Old Gods come back,
how the mountains then will crumble
We will clap the clouds with anger,
and produce our sacred rumble

When the Old Gods come back,
how the bones will dry and bleach
We will spare no single person
from these lessons that we teach

When the Old Gods come back,
how the blood will ebb and flow
We will make them watch our horrors,
so that all will see and know

When the Old Gods come back,
how the Sun will fade away
From the darkness we have risen,
to reclaim the Earth this day

When the Old Gods come back,
the sword of chaos rules the land
When the Old Gods come back,
we will make them understand

Written 2/15/05

On the 12th day of Never

On the 12th day of Never,
all your dreams will come true
You will be so young again,
and your soul, fresh and new

On the 12th day of Never,
all the children then will play
Cruel diseases will just vanish,
and your loved ones always stay

On the 12th day of Never,
all the weak they will be fed
War and hatred will be gone,
and we'll be brothers instead

On the 12th day of Never,
all the greed will be no more
Throw away your gold and silver,
and let strangers through your door

On the 12th day of Never,
all the pain and grief will end
Even death itself is vanquished,
and we call the world our friend

On the 12th day of Never,
all our faces will be glad
Oh, this day will never come,
but we're fools, and we've been had

Written 2/17/05

I am the light-skinned angel, with the darkness in his eyes

I am the light-skinned angel,
with the darkness in his eyes
If you trust me with your life,
then you're in for a surprise

Oh, I've done some splendid things,
but all white roses have their thorns
At times my halo bends and curves
into a pair of horns

I painted the Sistine Chapel,
and I wrote the Holy Book
I also started wars of hate,
and billions of lives I took

I invented machines of amazement
I cured with medicines of healing
Then I looked at the world, cracked a grin,
and decided to do some stealing

I treated my brother with love and respect
I honored and valued his life
I also burned down his house, just for fun,
and raped his beautiful wife

I built roads, I built schools,
I took my message across the seas
Then I sold Negroes for mere pennies,
and brought the Indians to their knees

I offered hope to the great masses,
and now all is safe and calm
I gave to them the peace of mind
that comes with an atom bomb

I have civilized the planet with my wisdom,
yet so many have claimed I am odd
Just because I've killed, again and again,
all in the name of god

Oh, think not that I am unique
No, all races are as guilty as hell
But I stand out among the many,
for I sin so very well

Yes, I am the light-skinned angel,
with the darkness in his eyes
Be prepared as the future approaches,
for you're in for a surprise

Written 4/20/05

The lesser world we're in

The lesser world we're in
The lesser world we're in
We all sit there, and think and stare,
what could, and might, have been

The lesser words we say
The lesser words we say
The speech mistook, the heavens shook,
the pain, won't drift, away

The lesser things we do
The lesser things we do
A cruel attack, can't take it back,
that image, now stuck, like glue

The lesser love we feel
The lesser love we feel
What once was true, has left from you,
such passion, all turned, unreal

The lesser heart that beats
The lesser heart that beats
So spilled our cup, and we gave up,
sweet hope, it fades, retreats

The lesser world we're in
The lesser world we're in
We bow our head, and fall down dead,
and dream, what might, have been

Written 4/21/05

Muttering to the wall

In a place somewhat abnormal, this freaky spookish town,
stood a hospital with three names, called the Mary Baker Brown
And there lived a hopeless patient, labeled Frumpy Goosebumpy Dee,
who was very clearly mad, for that's all he wished to be

Oh, it wasn't always like this. At one time he had been okay
But something had to give, and that something gave one day
He was standing on a chair, when he had a fatal fall,
and now he sits in a darkened corner, simply muttering to the wall

Bear in mind, the toss was minor. It was last in a long, long chain
There were many other things that had earned him his insane
He had lived too wild a life, and then he had that fatal fall,
and now he sits in a darkened corner, simply muttering to the wall

First off, he was an oddball. He liked to chase people on bikes
He also used to throw things, like wrenches, boots and spikes
The police, they would arrest him, and throw him in the pen,
but some lawyer used to say things, and get him out again

Then he'd go back to his strangeness, like crawling around the street,
and biting anything he saw, which was poodles, coats and feet
And he'd make these paintings of squirrels, all over windows and cars,
which made the owners angry, and earned him many scars

Oh, you might think Dee was silly, but a darker side he had
It was this that made him deadly, and this that made him mad
At night he'd visit graveyards, and pray to stones in the ground
Then he'd stare up at the Moon, and make not a single sound

He said that he heard voices. They were raspy yet quite clear
They said such awful things, daily whispered in his ear
Whether real or not we can't say, but his head they tossed and stirred,
so he had to drown them out, before something sinister occurred

So he took right to the bottle, and then his life just shattered
He lost his love of biting, and all other things that mattered
He stopped painting his squirrels, and he stopped wearing his clothes
He popped these funny pills, and took powder up his nose

And after all these things had happened, that's when he fell from chair
But you still don't know the reason just why he was up there
They found him in the corner, his leg broken from the fall,
with a rope around his neck, clearly muttering to the wall

So they dragged him to the hospital, and shocked him good and hard
Till he lost his last few marbles, and grew thin as a playing card
Then they got him a nice cell, with a window on the ceiling,
so that darkness would prevail, and slowly drain away his feeling

We can only wonder what might have been, if things had gone a different way
Another hospital, another doctor might have had a different say
Things might have turned out better, but the fact is they did not
So an answer I can't give you, if an answer's what you sought

This story hasn't ended, but there's no reason to go on
Dee's brain, once rich with powers, could now fertilize your lawn
Funny, scary, sad. A spooky lesson for us all
One day it might be you, simply muttering to the wall

Written 5/24/05


I have sunk, rather low and cold,
I did my best, but now it's old
And so I drop, like a dying moon
I'm fading, fading much too soon

Sure, I tried, but trying is easy
All those dreams, so soft and breezy,
quickly burn, when the fire's hot,
and like a corpse, they reek and rot

Soon little by little, and day by day,
my confidence shrunk, and then gave way
All good thoughts, they moved right out,
and inward came my friend called doubt

I fought it off, and told my lies,
but you can't hide from your own eyes
The truth broke me, like a wire suspended,
and it was then that my caring ended

I'm poisoned now, my mind all broken
Such hateful things I've thought and spoken
And I can't go back to who I was
For that, my friends, is what failure does

So here I am, all empty and drained
My effort spent, but nothing gained
I have no more use for another dawn

I'm fading....fading....

....and I'm gone

Written 6/3/05

Once there was a girl

Once there was a girl. I saw her many years ago
I think of her sometimes, so I thought I'd tell you so
It's odd that she's remained. We never even met
But somehow, there she is. A girl I can't forget

I saw her very often. We were young, in mind and years
In those days, I would hold back, and give in to my fears
So when she'd walk and pass on by, I'd look the other way
My confidence just wasn't there. I didn't know what to say

I remember, her hair was brown. So long, and very curly
A lovely thing, she had blossomed quick. A woman she was early
A beautiful figure, a beautiful face. All that a man can desire
But I was just a boy, and that was that. My hopes would climb no higher

How much I prayed she'd make a move, and head in my direction
How much I yearned to feel her skin, and bask in her reflection
But such sweet things do not occur. At least they don't for me
The only taste I have ever received is bland reality

I blame myself. That I admit. So I guess I deserved my fate
Day after day, there she was, and I'd wait, and wait, and wait
Soon the moment came. My time was up. My chance had gone and died
And even then, with my final breath, I kept it all inside

I got a job, and so it was. I saw the girl no more
The vision that I had of her was closed behind that door
All memories have blurred to one, and now all look the same
What a silly, stupid fool I was. I don't even know her name

Once there was a girl. I saw her many years ago
I think of her sometimes, so I thought I'd tell you so
It's odd that she's remained. We never even met
But somehow, there she is. A girl I can't forget

Written 6/19/05

Up against it

Ran up against it,
and got knocked down
No surprise, that happens often

Got back up,
and tried again
Same results, but I go on

Written 8/5/05

Made a wish

Made a wish
Didn't happen
What the hell. Worth a shot

Thought a while,
then decided
Next time, I'll make an effort instead

Written 8/5/05

Undead, and yet alive

It was a curse
that brought me to this
A sickening need
that I cannot ignore

A hunger,
deep and foul
But so strong,
and hard to resist

I died,
but rose from the grave
I sought you out,
with death in my eyes

When I saw you,
I did remember
All the moments
of our life together

But that was done,
and didn't matter
All I had now
was the night

So I took you,
and stole your life
I ripped your throat out
and drank my fill

And I watched,
as you lay dying
And believe me,
I suffered such pain

I would have wept,
if it were possible
But no tears
can be found in a corpse

But in the end,
I spared you torment
I did not doom you
to walk by my side

For I am undead,
but not unfeeling
It does not pump,
but I still have a heart

So I gave you
back to God
I released you
from the hell of this world

And I go on,
in my great sadness
I go on,
alone in my grief

I remain,
only for evil
I must murder,
just to exist

Written 8/6/05

What we had

What we had
went beyond love
Something that made
the angels jealous

What we had
was more than devotion
An invisible bond
of mystic harmony

What we had
was actually real
No pretend,
a solid truth

What we had
just couldn't last
Things like that
never do

Written 8/6/05

What we found in the ground

What we found in the ground
may change a lot of things
It may step on a few toes,
and sever important strings

What we found in the ground
may upset the status quo
It may burn the oldest bridges,
what those scientists do know

What we found in the ground
may put an end to holy lies
It may shatter collection plates,
and stop all those costly tithes

What we found in the ground
may destroy what we hold dear
It may take away all hope,
and in its place leave fear

What we found in the ground
may answer questions we all ask
Should we not then seek it out?
Should that not then be our task?

What we found in the ground
may be wretched and uncouth
But what we found in the ground
may in fact just be the truth

Written 9/11/05

Mr. Yoast

I am Mr. Yoast, and I love to boast
When I think of myself, I think of the most
All women, they want me. All men are afraid
I'm simply the best, and I've got it made

I'm smarter than smart, and I'm cooler than cool
I set all the trends, and I follow no rule
Everyone loves me, and lives for my sake
If you go up against me, then that's your mistake

I know everything, and the world is all mine
My looks are so gorgeous, and you are just swine
I'm the king and the master, the Duke of the Earl
My face you will worship, my flag you'll unfurl

I'm rich and I'm happy. I'm smoother than silk
If I were a drink, I'd be sweet buttermilk
When I speak, you'll listen. If I say jump, you'll obey
You cannot resist me. There's no other way

The sky was my doing, the grass my idea
I invented the masses. That's why they are here
Van Gogh painted pictures, and Shakespeare wrote plays,
and God made the waters, but I make the waves

I am Mr. Yoast, and I love to boast
When I think of myself, I think of the most
I'm your death and taxes, and it's time to be paid
I'm simply the best, and I've got it made

Written 10/20/05

Standing still against the stars

I passed then through the door,
and found myself in the night
It was cold but not unpleasant,
like a rainstorm in the summer

I paused to look to the heavens,
to my great sky all dark around me
I felt sad as I often do,
and shook my head with quiet turns

I just felt so disconnected,
like a one pulled from the many
I was lost in my deep world,
and there was no one there to question

I looked again, upwards as always,
as if dreaming of the answer
I asked what we all ask,
and the reply was what we share

I strained, in all my efforts,
to see beyond my vision
If I could search the mighty eons,
perhaps the route would open to me

But alas, it would not unfold,
staying as it had before
I sighed, and gave a shrug,
for I knew that I was beaten

There was no light of greater knowledge
There was no sign of things to come
I saw no way of easy comfort
If it passed, I missed it clean

So there I was, out in the darkness
All alone, with none around
I saw myself, out there in nowhere,
standing still against the stars

Written 12/1/05

I pulled a cloud down from above me

I pulled a cloud down from above me
I asked her to bless it and make a wish
She gave a laugh, as she always did,
and it floated from my hands

I pulled a flower up from the ground
I asked her to bless it and make a wish
She gave a smile, as she always did,
and it fell right where I stood

I pulled a stone free from the earth
I asked her to bless it and make a wish
She gave a gesture, as she always did,
and it dropped into the stream

I pulled my heart out from my chest
I asked her to bless us and make a wish
She embraced me, as she always did,
but in a moment, both were gone

Written 12/17/05

A second time for you

If magic were a real thing,
and allowed pain to be snared,
I would put yours on my shoulders,
so that you then could be spared

If praying made a difference,
and if words could turn the tide,
I would gather up your heartache,
and I'd keep it deep inside

If hope could move the seasons,
and if love could save the day,
I would cry all of your teardrops,
and wipe all the grief away

And if God, in His great mercy,
gave me one last wish so true,
I would take your fate upon me,
and die a second time for you

Written 12/17/05

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